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Closed Admin applications
This thread is the official recruitment thread for the position of Administrator.
When the thread is open, it means that applications are open.
You may apply in the staff applications forum. You can only see your own threads to preserve others' answers.

Here are the requirements to fulfill this position:
- You must be 18 years old or more to apply for this position! Maturity is also a must. Exceptions are case by case.
- You must have been a moderator for at least a month to apply for a promotion
- You must fulfill moderator requirements still, but also the following
- You must be an advanced player of the game you are administrating
- You must be comfortable using the admin bot on discord and the tools on the forums
- You must have advanced knowledge of how the forum software "MyBB" is managed. You will have to use certain administration tools from it
- You must be able to step in a problem that moderators cannot handle, and take initiatives to resolve the issue
- You must have an impartial side on problems solving and be a leader on those cases (when required to)

When applying for the admin position, please respond this thread with the given template.
We do not require a minimal word count, but applications that seem incomplete or too short will be denied. We expect you to convince us you are fit for the job.
Any application that does not follow this template will be denied instantly, and further applications denied for a period of 7 days.

------------------------------------------------------------------Copy paste everything below-------------------------------------------------------------------------

Role you are applying for: Administrator

First name:




SteamUID (for arma 3 only):

How long have you been a moderator for?:

Game you are willing to administrate on (must be an active community server game):

Do you have any previous experience in this position? Elaborate:

Why do you want to be promoted?:


If a player comes up to you and bashes you for admin abuse, what do you do?:

If a player reports that another player is being toxic (be careful what you answer here):

What if a player insults you?:

A hacker comes on and no higher staff is online, the hacker is destroying bases and killing everyone, what do you do?:

I, [Your name or IGN], certify I have answered this application to the best of my capabilities. I submit this application without any expectations of power or money, and of my free will to help the community. I therefore swear I will follow the rules and uphold them while on this community. I also understand that this application is final for the given period of recruitment and that if denied, I may only re-apply after a period of 7 days. Failure to do so will remove my right to apply for a staff position.
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