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Altis Life Rules
Playing on our Altis Life server means that you implicitly accept to abide the following rules.

General rules
You must value the importance of your life. This means you cannot simply commit suicide to avoid consequences without reasoning.
  1. Players are playing following the ROLEPLAY principle. This means that interactions on the server must stay within a persona that you are playing.
  2. New life rule (NLR): You can return to the location where you died if the scenario is still ongoing however, you may not use any information from before you died till 5 minutes after the scenario is finished, the only exception to this rule is family, friends, and colleagues.
  3. Players must use a maximum of 2 in-game names (one for civilian, one for EMS/Cop). You MUST use 2 different names if playing 2 sides, else you will be held responsible for your actions on the other side (example: cop robbing fed with his cop name, he can be fired/jailed as a cop too).
  4. Random Death Matching (RDM) is prohibited. You must have a valid RP reason to initiate a fight (see RDM section).
  5. No Vehicular Death Match (VDM), as in no intentional hit and run (this does not apply in police chases if a pedestrian happens to be crossing the street). Please note Vehicle Death Match is allowed in set circumstances (for example being held at gun point with the gun man being in front of the car, running them down is acceptable).
  6. No KAMIKAZE will be tolerated.
  7. No Cop or EMS baiting.
  8. No Crime is to be committed against responding Medical Personnel, (if they are not responding to an emergency response this can be acceptable. Repeatedly targeting medical personnel will be seen as fail rp).
  9. Verbal trolling is allowed and encouraged in RP situations, but gameplay trolling is prohibited (flying over PD in circles for no reason, abusing in-game mechanics, etc).
  10. Players with VR suits on are STAFF on DUTY. You are not to initiate them under any circumstances.
  11. RP situations stalling for 15mins or more without any actions or development, are considered void.
  12. No escaping roleplay (ex: alt+f4, combat logging, etc).
  13. No hacking, glitching, exploiting in any shape or form.
  14. No meta-gaming (getting and/or using out-of-the-game information to gain an advantage).
Civilian rules
  1. While in active police custody, you are to follow their instructions, an associate can free you from police custody for crimes that could result in being directly sent to prison.
  2. City speed limits in Kavala: 40 in front of market, 70 in front of bank, rest is 70 but there are no speed cams aside from these locations as of right now (so its police's job to enforce it).
  3. Side chat may be used for business advertising only, spamming is not permitted.
  4. You cannot force a person to withdraw money or wire money to you or another player from their bank account or someone else's account.
  5. Initiation can only occur by all parties involved before any group roleplay scenario starts.
  6. In the event a roleplay situation is initiated outside a no crime zone, the no crime zone becomes void for all parties involved in the situation until the situation is resolved.
  7. Traffic stops are not considered initiation. Nor is failing to stop for a traffic stop, verbal communication between both parties must be achieved before initiation can occur.
  8. You cannot interrupt a traffic stop unless that traffic stop progresses into an arrest. A player is under arrest upon being placed in a police officer's vehicle and read their Miranda rights.
  9. You cannot do a Jail break whilst there is also a Bank Robbery in progress, there must also be 20 minutes between each, this works the other way too you cannot start a Bank Robbery whilst there is a Jail Break in progress.
  10. Bank robbery/federal reserve robbery may only be performed with at least three (3) Police officers present on the server (bank) or 6 for fed, attempted negotiation must be done before any lethal action is taken, and all participants must be declared upon law enforcement arrival. You are not allowed to engage in a bank robbery fifteen (15) minutes before a server restart.
  11. Individuals/Gangs must possess a valid role play scenario to possess/use police gear. Valid scenarios could include, impersonation of an officer to gain access to a police facility.
  12. You are allowed to assault the police HQ only if more than 6 cops are online. As soon as you step foot with weapons on PD grounds or 10 meters around it, you are K.O.S.
  13. You are allowed by law to land in Kavala in the area defined for it, else you need to request permission from the cops to land in a city that has no landing areas defined. If you do not respect this, police has the right to shoot you down, or detain/arrest you on land.
Police rules (not PD RELATED REGULATIONS, only server rules)
  1. Following civilians for no reason for more than 5 minutes is considered an abuse of powers.
  2. Side chat may be used for tactical chat and/or HQ announcements.
  3. You need to have probable cause / suspicions to search a vehicle. You may NOT search a vehicle if the owner does not consent to it (unless you suspect a crime has been committed).
  4. There should be a maximum of 1 cops for 3 civs (subject to change), except under 6 cops (you may have 4 cops and 4-12 civs, ratio applies to more than that.
  5. Police officers may never switch to the Civilian side and use their vehicles and weapons they had.
  6. Police officers may not open fire on fleeing vehicles unless the culprit has shot first, or was initiated that the car was going to be disabled.
  7. Playing under a registered cop name and committing a crime under said name will be roleplayed as a corrupt cop.
  8. Police officers are not allowed to camp illegal areas or bank. (Unless they have a reason) 
  9. Police officers may not use a lethal on unarmed civilians unless they are running towards a weapon, or civilians that have surrendered.
  10. Police officers can not just go corrupt to shoot other cops.

Medic rules (not EMS RELATED REGULATIONS, only server rules)
  1. All EMS personnel are not allowed to be corrupt.
  2. EMS is neutral, so they must stay neutral. PERIOD.
  3. EMS must respond to all calls.
  4. EMS may block off roads if they have a reason.  ex: Car accident
  5. EMS can respond to active firefights but need to stay at least 80m away from the engagement, but they are not allowed to apply a medical treatment or revive any personnel until the fire fight stops from both ends.
  6. EMS may not use or have in possession of any illegal items or firearms of any sort.
  7. Cops cannot ask the EMS to revive a cop before a Civ. Civs may only ask the EMS to revive their friends first if they are threatening the life of said individual.

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